the union can be stronger than individual








                                         Drawings, step files, specification, quantities...
                                         This is what we usually get from our customer when we receive the RFQ.


                                          Because our company is working with a strong supply chain we will find
                                          the best solution for customer request with respect to price, quality, lead time
                                          and our experience also.

                                          Price offer
                                           According the customer specification and the request we will send the best
                                           price offer. Due to cooperation with the regular suppliers we have an experience
                                           that our prices are more than competitive while keeping a high quality.

                                            Purchase order
                                             When we receive the purchase order we imediatelly contact our supplier
                                             to confirm the requested delivery date. Than we send an order confirmation
                                             to our customer.

                                             During the production we control the process to be sure that our confirmed
                                             delivery date will not change or to be able to find the way how to make our
                                             customer satisfied.

                                             We are able to arrange the shipment by DHL,UPS, TNT, Geis or another
                                             carriers what the customer require.

                                            Satisfied customer
                                                ... thats our aim.